Myths and Truths

Whether you have nearsightedness or astigmatism (farsightedness), or have perfect eyesight, it is important to take care of your eyes.

Take a look at the following statements about eye safety and ask yourself: is it true or myth?

Just older adults suffer from glaucoma?


Glaucoma not only affects the elderly, but it can occur in people of all ages.

There is even a kind of glaucoma that specifically affects infants: congenital glaucoma.

Is it possible that the computer monitor damage my eyes?


The use the computer for a long time causes the person to blink less, resecting
eyes a little, but not damaging them. We recommend taking frequent breaks or look for distant objects
relieve the sensation of effort.

Keep the monitor to 45-60 centimeters away will also help lessen the feeling of
stress or fatigue.

Rubbing eyes when you are tired or itch can cause harm?


The eye is one of the most delicate organs, often rubbing can produce long term keratoconus.